Magento PHP curl extenstion in WAMP

While installing Magento on WAMP, an error might pop up during installation:

Even though curl extension is enabled from the WAMP icon in System tray, it might not work in Windows 7 or Windows 8 64 bit version. To fix it, first edit the following files:

File php.ini: C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.2.22\bin\php.ini
File php.ini: C:\wamp\\bin\php\php5.3.13\php.ini
File phpForApache.ini: C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.13\phpForApache.ini

Edit all those files, search for “curl” and uncomment the line by removing semicolon in front of it:

Now, download the appropriate curl extension for you PHP version:

Replace the file at C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3\ext\\php_curl.dll with the downloaded one. Restart WAMPServer.

This issue was resolved in WAMPServer 2.2 on WIndows 7 x64 bit and Windows 8 x64 bit.

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