Samsung Quick Starter for Windows 8

Windows 8 doesn’t have the good old Start button. Microsoft left their dedicated desktop users in the lurch because it doesn’t provide any option to bring back the Start button and menu. That’s where vendors like Samsung come in. An app called Quick Starter released by Samsung intends to provide a replacement for the Start Button in Windows 8.

Samsung Quick Starter app for Windows 8

In addition to Start button and menu, Quick Starter provides a dock where additional category buttons can be created. Shortcuts, folders, files can beĀ droppedĀ onto these categories for easy access.

Download Quick Starter

3 thoughts on “Samsung Quick Starter for Windows 8”

  1. Quick starter good.

    Major problem, how do I add a new folder/directory to start menu to put newly installed programs start up files into?

    No way to do so.

    Do I have to uninstall Quick starter and reinstall each time I install new software?

  2. Have a Samsung Notebook with Quick Starter factory installed. Windows did an update today, the 14th, and created an incompatibility issue with Quick Starter. There is apparently no fix. The software is there and no repair or re-install will fix it. Did an online chat/troubleshoot with Samsung and they have no fix either. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Are you on Windows 8.1? You could try some options like trying to run it in compatibility mode. Or when you uninstall Quick Starter also do a registry clean using CCleaner.

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